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              Conveyor belt idler plays a key role in the life of conveyor

              2021-05-08 16:30:31

              1. the buffer roller driving drum is driven by the motor through the reducer. The conveyor belt relies on the friction between the driving roller and the conveyor belt to drag the upper inclined path and the transportation road inside the scaffold. Reliable anti-skid measures shall be taken. Besides, the frost and snow shall be cleaned in time, and the methods of spreading furnace ash, sawdust and sand can be used to prevent the skid.

              2. all technical requirements must be in accordance with the manual groove roller conveyor belt supporting the weight of conveyor belt and material, reducing friction between conveyor belt and idler, and playing a key role in the life of conveyor belt which accounts for more than 25% of the total cost of the conveyor.

              There are five criteria for judging the quality of the idler:

              1. dust proof performance of idler

              2. water resistance of roller

              3. axial bearing performance of idler

              4. impact resistance of roller

              5. the roller service life is an important part of belt conveyor, with many types and large quantity

              Heat resistant conveyor belt is mainly based on the main performance of the resistance to tropical damage and loss of conveying capacity and the reform of the conveyor belt with different heat-resistant grades. Environmental protection has become a key point. It is no wonder that it is such a simple product, numerous relevant professional research institutes and engineering technicians engaged in production, Committed to the research and improvement of the idler, there are hundreds of patents applied for, which can not solve the problem of wearing roller.

              The structural chain plate feeder is composed of the interface of the silo, the guide chute, the manual gate device, the driving sprocket group, the idler group, the bottom frame and other parts. The parts are connected and transported by bolts. The main reasons for the damage are as follows: the pollution of the roller bearing caused by water pouring and coal mud, The resistance of bearing increases until it is stuck; The friction adjusting roller installed by the center adjusting bracket is not perpendicular to the belt 90 degrees, but the lateral friction force is used to prevent the belt from running away. The roller tube wall will wear quickly, and the belt wear is also serious. Therefore, the roller of the conveyor belt plays a key role in the conveyor life.

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