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              Radial Telescopic Shiploader

              Radial Telescopic Shiploader
              ?Product description

              Radial Telescopic Shiploader

              The Radial Telescopic Shiploader offers unrivalled mobility and flexibility when loading a vesse

              Easily trim 3 x hatches from one single feed-in position

              Parallel driven wheels for quick 'hatch to hatch' times, along with telescopic to 'pass' infrastructure on geared vessels

              Telescopic features ensures unrivalled trimming capabilities

              Fully sealed / dust containment/dust extraction options

              Telescopic and Cascade Chutes available

              Mobility to move 'Off-site' when not in use



              The mobile radial telescopic shiploaders ensure unrivaled flexibility when loading a vessel. The radial and telescopic features allow the operator to easily trim the hatch or multiple hatches from one feeding position reducing hatch change times and production downtime. They can load vessels up to Panamax size with ease and offer a complete range of mobility, chutes and dust suppression / extraction options for specific applications and materials

              FEATURES & BENEFITS

              · Radial and Telescopic features offer unrivaled trimming capabilities for most sized vessels.

              · Mobility means Flexibility - Complete on-site mobility including driven wheels, tracks, rails and a combination to suit complete range of Jetty/quayside designs.

              · Complete Dust Extraction / Suppression options for handling complete of materials,

              · Fully sealed feed-in / transfer and discharge points to eliminate spillage on site.

              · Loading rates up to 3,000TPH.

              · Fully extended length's up to 58 metres (190ft).

              · Typically lower capital investment than fixed Shiploading systems.

              · Lead Times can range from 10 - 30 weeks.

              · Reduced civil requirements on site.

              · Land / Sea Based Systems are available.

              · Eliminate double handling of material in Port /Inland Terminal


              Mobile Shiploaders / Unloaders designed for loading Barges, Coasters, Handysize, Handymax, Panamax Vessels

              Complete mobility for use in differing sized ports and loading complete range of vessels

              Ability to handle complete range of materials such as Coal, Grains, Fertilisers, Ore’s (Iron, copper, gold, bauxite), Aggregates, Woodchips, wood pellets, sulphur, cement clinker and many more....

              Can be easily fed from fixed conveyor systems, wheel loaders, trucks, overhead conveyors, tripper conveyors and many more systems.


              Mobility – Driven wheels (In-line, parallel, radial modes), Track mounted (Harsh ground conditions), wheels and rail mounted

              Dust Suppression Measures – Galvanised / Canvas Dust covers, Telescopic dust covers, dust extraction, Integrated telescopic chutes (Free-fall – Cascade Design), 360 degree trimmer chutes, Rubber ‘sock’ chutes, water suppression and many more.

              Sealing of all transfer points including side plates and under-trays

              Electrical Integration – Communication interlinks, radio remote controls, Fully integrated generators, Ethernet connections and many more.

              Marine Specification paint finish


              Model or equipment requirements

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