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              About the follow-up maintenance of mine conveyor in Shandong Province?

              2021-05-08 16:31:30

              Yilun is a manufacturer of mine conveyor in Shandong Province. In fact, many people are more concerned about the follow-up maintenance after purchasing Yilun conveyor in Shandong Province. Reasonable maintenance is also important.

              Mine conveyor inspection results should be recorded in detail. In addition to the daily inspection items, add: check the oil level of the reducer, if necessary, add the same level of oil; Check whether the action of the tension winch is flexible, whether the wire rope is worn, whether it enters the pulley groove, and whether the pulley drive is flexible. Otherwise, clean up the stolen goods and readjust the idling tension of the conveyor belt; Check and clean the track of belt storage device. Monthly inspection: in addition to the daily inspection and weekly inspection items, the pulley lubrication of the steel wire rope of the tension winch shall be additionally inspected, and the wear and damage of the steel wire rope shall be inspected.

              Half year inspection: in addition to daily, weekly and monthly inspection, additional inspection is required. Oil all roller bearings and clean the dirty oil on the roller; All the blades of mine conveyor sweeper and scraper of cleaning drum that need to be replaced or replaced must be replaced or replaced in time; Clean the reducer, change the oil, and analyze the next oil change cycle; Check whether the medium of the hydraulic coupling needs to be supplemented with fire-resistant fluid (water), and the wear of all seals and bearings.

              The dust collecting device of mine crusher is a device used to separate the dust from the flue gas. According to the dispersion and other requirements. Because the dust charges are the same and repel each other, it diffuses rapidly in the air of the rear stage, forming a uniformly distributed aerosol suspension state, which makes the concentration and flow velocity of the dust passing through each chamber of the rear stage bag filter uniform, and the bag resistance of the rear stage bag filter is significantly reduced. The former consumes more gas energy, while the latter consumes less. Check whether the resistance of ash removal mechanism rises abnormally. Install the sleeve in the hole of the flower plate. When it is serious, it will affect the normal operation of the dust collector.

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